Anthropologie sociale

Êtes-vous assez curieux? L'anthropologie analyse et s'implique dans les phénomènes socio-culturels contemporains aux quatre coins du monde pour saisir leur diversité, leur complexité et leurs relations.



Transformations in the city: Exploring Timisoara. Registration open until 22 May!

The registration for this Summer School 16-20 July are open until 22 May 2018. An information meeting will take place on Thursday 24 May at 12.15 (PER G414)

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Law of the Land: Restitution Practices in the New South Africa

Olaf Zenker's research project on "Land Restitution and the Moral Modernity of the New South African State" is currently featured in an article of the Journal "Research Features".

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Utopia and Neoliberalism: Ethnographies of rural spaces

Andrea Boscoboinik, Hana Horáková and Robin Smith co-edited a collection of ethnographies that seek to unpack the uneasy relationship between utopia and rural spaces in the context of global pressures.

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Le bachelor permet d'accquérir des connaissances fondamentales en anthropologie sociale.

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Master en sociétés plurielles : sociétés, cultures et religions.                                                                                    

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