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First continent-wide study of genetic variation in European fruit flies

A new study entitled "Genomic analysis of European Drosophila melanogaster populations on a dense spatial scale reveals longitudinal population structure and continent-wide selection", and involving researchers…

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Distorted women skulls create a paleontological surprise in Bavaria

A paleogenomic study on Huns invasion and feminine migration in South Germany during the High Middle Ages revealed a very surprising conclusion: the modern Bavarians have ancestors from Black Sea.

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UNIFR doubles its number of highly cited researchers

The 2017 "Highly Cited Researcher" list of Clarivate Analytics of the most influential researchers in the world contains Prof. P. Nordmann, Dr. L. Poirel, Prof. S. Bacher and Dr. M. Geisler from the UNIFR.

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Graduate School

The Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences has currently open positions to offer. 

Deadline 31st May 2018