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hrm-3.7-results-screenshot HRM update – new look, new features (Thursday, February 20, 2020) - We updated our Huygens Remote Manager to the version 3.7.0. New features include obviously the new look, file formats can be mixed now and there are some improvements on how the deconvolution templates can be configured. The full list can be found on the huygens-rm.org. There is also a webinar about the new HRM 3.7 [...]
imarisviwer-splash-screen-logo ImarisViewer – 3D visualisation utility (Thursday, January 16, 2020) - Oxford Instruments released the ImarisViewer. It is a subset of the Imaris functionality, essentially constraint to the 3D visualisation capabilities. But it a free version, that allows you browse your datasets you processed with Imaris. Windows users being part of SECMED or BIOL can install the ImarisViewer via the Baramundi Kiosk. Mac users can find [...]
amira-zibamira-avizo-icons_1 Amira/Avizo – new software license (Monday, December 9, 2019) - Our facility together with  several departments of the SCIMED faculty was able to acquire  licenses for Thermo Fisher’s 3D visualisation and image analysis software. While Avizo is destined more for applications in the field of material sciences, Amira is targeted towards life sciences. The software also allows for third party extensions. A curated collection of such [...]
HuPro44_2 Huygens Professional (Monday, August 12, 2019) - Our image processing workstation is now equipped with Huygens Professional (desktop). Compared to our Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) the HuPro allows for more flexibility and provides some additional functionality. The new HuPro desktop version of the Huygens software is intended to accelerate the optimization of the deconvolution parameter and do advanced image restoration using measured [...]
ip-ws_fsp Move of the Cosmos Workstation (Monday, August 12, 2019) - The older of our image processing workstation, Cosmos,  was permanently move to the Fixed Samples Platform (next to the Threadripper).
imaris-filament-example Imaris 9.3 (Monday, April 15, 2019) - Imaris 9.3 is available. Find out more about the software on the Bitplane website. The first apparent change will be the end of the arena. Instead of its own database, there is now the possibility to add ‘observed’ folders to Imaris to facilitate the access to your ims-files. The first time Imaris is launched, you [...]
fp-base-screenshot FPbase (Thursday, March 14, 2019) - fpbase.org is a beautiful web-application to browse the contents of the Fluorescent Protein Database. There is a lot of linked content such as excitation and emission spectra or the publications reporting on the molecules. Check it out!