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Information concerning the microscopes and image processing computers.


Huygens Professional

Our image processing workstation is now equipped with Huygens Professional (desktop). Compared to our Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) the HuPro allows for more flexibility and provides some additional functionality.

The new HuPro desktop version of the Huygens software is intended to accelerate the optimization of the deconvolution parameter and do advanced image restoration using measured point spread functions (in contrast to the theoretical PSF).

This new license replaces the Huygens Essential that was previously accessible via remote desktop connection.


Demo: Leia SP8 FALCON


At the beginning of this year we will continue the demo series for the laser scanning confocal system. Leica will bring their SP8 FALCON system for a week.

Dates: 11-20 January 2019
Location: PER017, 013

Key Features

  • Inverted microscope (DMi8)
  • Fully motorised
  • White Light Laser (WLL)
  • Acousto-Optical Beam-Splitter (AOBS) 470-670
  • 405 Diode
  • Hybrid detectors HyD
  • FLIM module FALCON
  • Simultaneous multiple colors and super-resolution mode LIGHNING
  • Stage application module NAVIGATOR



Plan FLUOTAR 4 0.13 Dry
Plan Apochromat 10 0.45 Dry CS2
Plan Apochromat 20 0.75 Dry CS2
Plan Apochromat 40 1.10 Water CS2 motCORR
Plan Apochromat 63 1.4 Oil CS2
Plan Apochromat 63 1.3 Glyc. CORR CS2


dates description
14.-15. Jan. Installation of the system
16.-17 Jan. Demo by Nathalie Garin.
People with samples can reserve 1 hour slots.
For 1 hour demos without your own samples, please organise in groups of 1-4 people.
18. Jan. Further testing (reserve)
21. Jan. Dismounting of the system


Demo-Slot Booking

To reserve a slot for the demo please login.


New Image Analysis Workstation

For those who spent a lot of time waiting for the computer to finish some image analysis task, we acquired a new desktop computer that might help remedy this loss of time. This new computer has a hardware configuration for large datasets that require computationally intensive processing.
You can find more details on number cruncher’s page. This workstation is henceforth available for all facility users.


OMERO update

We updated our OMERO.server from 3.3.1 to 3.3.5

During the upgrade we optimized the server’s software dependencies for optimal performance.

In case your desktop clients do not connection to the server anymore, please update the OMERO.insight on you computer too. You find instruction and the download of the pre-configured clients on our web-site.

omero 5.3.5 upgrade

There is also a new goodie: FPBioimage is a 3D viewer for the web. It is currently in beta, so some irregularities are expexted. Also you should make sure you have a fast internet connection.



Maybe some of you already noticed, we got a little addition to our OMERO server. It is an additional web application (thus not available from the desktop client), that allows to produce figures from your images.  Bellow are some screenshots that give an idea how it looks like:



OMERO.figure is tailored for microscopy images and has the functionality to quickly produce a pdf-figure and does not clutter the interface with anything unnecessary.

Happy publishing!

New IT Infrastructure Launch

We would like to invite you to the launch presentation for the platform’s new IT infrastructure next Wednesday April 1st at 12:15. No joke.
The presentation will take place in the large Auditorium 0.110 Auditorium in Plant Biology.

We will talk about some new acquisitions the Bioimage Light Microscopy Facility has made recently that should help you with the management and the processing of your microscopy data.
Firstly and most importantly there is a new web-client for the batch processing of deconvolution jobs, the Huygens Remote Manager (HRM). We’ll demonstrate how this piece of software can be integrated easily in your workflow to improve the quality of your measurements from confocal microscopes. Secondly we’ll to give you a preview of OMERO. We are currently  in the middle of the final testing and would like to give you a glimpse of what is about to come. Finally we’ve just got the new licenses for Imaris 8. This might also be an opportunity to speak about the future requirements of the functionality and license numbers of this software.

SVI_huygens_presentation_smaller omero_web-client-screenshot