Cosmos Workstation (Med)



This number cruncher has the following key features:

Property Description
Processor Intel Core i7-3930K (6 cores, 3.2GHz)
Memory 64 GB
Storage (fast) 2 TB Samsung Evo Pro SSW (read 540 MB/s, write 520 MB/s)
Storage 8 TB WD 7200rpm (~50 MB/s)
Graphics NVIDIA Quatro 4000 (2 GB GDDR5)
Display 2 x 27”Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS



The drive W: (8 TB) can serve as a buffer and workspace. To take advantage of the SSD, copy the data to your Desktop before processing. Once the computation is done, please move the data back on W: or on a server location. KeepĀ  in mind that this machine is not a place for permanent storage. We need to keep C: clean at all time and remove data from W: once the processing is done.


Installed software:

  • Imaris
  • R
  • Python
  • CellProfiler
  • ImageJ/Fiji
  • Photoshop