You need administrative rights on the computer to configure the StereoInvesitgator software to run properly. Please contact us to make the necessary configurations.


Start Protocol

  1. switch on the stage controller
  2. start the computer
  3. start the StereoInvestigator software
  4. switch on light source you need (fluorescence or bright field)


StereoInvestigator stage controller
Stage controller
Epifluoresecnce light source
Bright-field light source

Shut Down Protocol

make sure you transferred your data on a server usb-stick or somewhere else than the microscopes computer (user data gets erased from the hard-disk regularly). 

  1. switch off the light sources
  2. close the StereoInvestigator software
  3. shut down the computer
  4. turn off the stage controller


StereoInvestigatore UI

Here we would like to point out the following important things:

  • Turn on auto-save
  • Turn on auto-move (so what you see on the screen is coherent with stage position)
  • Make sure the objective selection shows the objective that is actually in use on the microscope
  • If something blocks, doesn’t work… stop clicking and have a look at the error messages (clicking opens a window with details)

stereoinvestigator screenshot






StereoInvestigator documentation on Microbright-Field Webpage.
StereoInvestigator Calibration Protocol