Start-up protocol

  1. Switch on the computer
  2. Switch on Microscope (see picture, switch A)
  3. Open shutter on the Sola Light Engine (see picture switch B)

Shut-down protocol

  1. Close the shutter on the Sola Light Engine (see picture switch B)
  2. Switch on Microscope (see picture, switch A)
  3. Shut down the computer
DM6B-Navigator_power DM6B-Navigator_control-computer
Main Switch Control Computer


Trouble Shooting

The fluorescent light is entirely controlled by the software LASX. To turn the light on, go in live mode by clicking the corresponding button in the LASX software at the bottom of the screen.

If the shutter of the Sola Light Engine was already open before turning on the power of the microscope, it will remain closed. In this case the shutter needs to be toggled (see picture above, switch B) to closed and back to open in order to ‘de-block’ it.

In the LASX Navigator, sometimes the field of view’s (small white square) content will not display what it is supposed to. In this case the live mode needs to be stopped and then activated again.


Tile scans (mosaics)

For the down-stream processing, it is important to have the merged images. Also, in most cases, the raw (un-merged) data is not of any use, the exception being some debugging of the settings. Therefore please make sure you set the stage settings as shown in the corresponding picture bellow.

Carrier Settings

To easily navigate the Stage from within the LASX-Navigator, you can select the 8-slide template from the carrier settings dialog (see corresponding picture bellow)

LASX_navigator-stage-settings LASX_navigator-carrier-templates
Stage Settings Dialog Carrier Settings Dialog