The MINT Program

The MINT program (Mathematics, Computer Science, Science and Technology) has set itself the goal of providing all pupils with a first access to science regardless of their professional future. It should enable everyone to deal with scientific topics and gain new insights. For this reason, we are already working with children from the primary school age, but also with high school students, sometimes with their teachers directly. The program is being implemented by employees of the Chemistry Institute of the University of Freiburg and the Adolphe Merkle Institute. It is co-financed by the Swiss Academy of Sciences.


  • KidsUni

    KidsUni is an association founded in early 2014 by a group of four chemists and professors from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Fribourg and the Adolph Merkle Institute. The idea is to bring chemistry and the scientific method to children from 9-11 years old through interesting and quality workshops. Over the time, more professors join to the association. Today we can offer twice a year a series of four workshops:

    1. Light and color with Prof. Alke Fink and Prof. Marco Lattuada.
    2. Polymers with Stephen Schrettl
    3. Soaps with Prof. Fabio Zobi
    4. Batteries and energy with Prof. Jean-Pascal Bourgeois, Prof. Olivier Nicolet and Prof. Véronique Breguet Mercier from the Engineering School of Fribourg.


    We are currently in the process of setting up other workshops for the different scientific fields and different ages.

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  • WINS

    WINS (Women in Science and Technology) is a program that gives girls between the ages of 15 and 16 the opportunity to get into the department to slip into the skin of a scientist.

    This internship is organized by the Faculty of Science and the Department of Egality of the University of Fribourg.

    The internship consists of two days full of experiments at two different departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (one per day).

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  • Swiss Young Researcher

    Swiss Young Researcher (Schweizer Jungend Forscht) is a foundation that is intended to arouse interest among young Swiss in the fields of innovation, science and technology. Their goal is to provide a platform for young people of secondary level I and II (high school, vocational training), where they can get an initial insight into the scientific work. The foundation offers study weeks in various scientific fields, especially in our department. The young people will have the opportunity to develop their project in our laboratories in a research group. 

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  • Chaim Weizmann Lectureship

    Chaim Weizmann Lectureship is founded at end of 2009 with the idea to promote chemistry and the standpoint of the Department of Chemistry in Fribourg. It consists of inviting a well-known personality from the area of Chemistry for a lecture to Fribourg for ca. 2-5 days. The guest speaker will have the opportunity to discuss with members of the University community and to visit Fribourg and its region. Furthermore, the Lecturer will receive his or her nomination as Fribourg Chaim Weizmann Lecturer during a gala event. The lectureship is sponsored.


    Chaim Weizmann Biography

    Chaim Weizmann Lecturers List

  • Chemistry with Globi

    Would you like to do cool experiments at home and impress your friends? With "Chemistry with Globi" you can! Through their own experience and discovery Globi leads children into the world of chemistry. In this book you will find a lot of interesting experiments with the appropriate scientific explanations. 

    Globi Verlag, Barbara Winter-Werner from the "Platform Chemistry", the author Jürg Lendenmann and the illustrator Daniel Müller wrote and illustrated the book "Chemistry with Globi" for more than two years - together with a team of chemistry professors and secondary school teachers. On 96 pages Globi tells in numerous stories how he experiences the science of chemistry and discovered chemical processes in everyday life. After each chapter, experiments follow. This allows children to understand the chemical phenomena themselves in a simple and safe way. The book is aimed at children from reading age to about 12 years. It exists both in German and in French! 

    Please do not hesitate to order via email!


  • Maturaarbeit

    We offer students  who are interested in the Institute of Chemistry the opportunity to be supported during their Matura papers. 

    The number of seats is limited.


    For further information please contact: Dr. Sofía Martín Caba


  • Chemistry Shows

    The Chemistry Institute of the University of Fribourg offers large groups of visitors the opportunity to attend entertaining shows on the subject of CHEMISTRY. We use the ideas as an interactive tool to give children, as well as adults, a first impression of science and chemical experiments.

    Every Christmas, Prof. Katharina Fromm, with the support of many different members of the institute, is launching a new spectacle full of chemical experiments, smoke and color! She has set up nine different performances to this day.

    Which is your favorite? The alchemist? Harry Potter ? Asterix and Obelix? Or: Once upon a time in the West?

  • Schools/ High Schools

    We support the primary, middle and high school teachers who want to complete their teaching program by providing a personilized visit to our laboratories. The students can do some experiments related to their teaching program, in that way, the students have a better understanding. 

    For further information please contact: Dr. Sofía Martín Caba