Bachelor- 3 years

Basics: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, first laboratory classes

Consolidation and Expansion: Courses and laboratories in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry and an elective complementary branch (e.g. biochemistry, computer science, industrial chemistry, philosophy)

The program of study of the Bachelor (BSc) in Chemistry represents a university course of studies, comprising a basic scientific education in chemistry by its method- and problem-oriented nature. It enables one to enter a wide professional area. At the same time it provides the basis for lifelong learning, an indispensable requirement for professional success. In addition, the BSc in Chemistry forms the basis for advanced studies leading to the MSc in Chemistry. Every person who is in possession of a federal general qualification for university entrance (maturité fédérale /eidgenössisches Maturitätszeugnis) or any equivalent document will be admitted to the BSc degree program.

Each course of the BSc is taught in either German or French. Students can decide, in which of the two languages they want to express themselves. Occasionally, courses may be taught in English.

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