Master- 1 1/2 years

Specialization: 4 modules from our offer of different domains of research (one module can be taken outside chemistry)

Master Thesis: Experimental project within one of the research groups.

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The program of study of the Master (MSc) in Chemistry represents a scientific course of studies, allowing one to specialize in a specific subject. The MSc in Chemistry gives access to various professional activities in research, education, industry, commerce, and administration. The MSc is furthermore the entry requirement for the scientific work and deepened scientific education leading to a doctorate. When accompanied by a subsidiary subject (biology, geography, informatics, mathematics, or physics), the MSc allows one to enter a complementary didactics program leading to a qualification as a high-school teacher (Diplôme d’aptitude à l’enseignement du secondaire II / Fähigkeitszeugnis für das Höhere Lehramt II).

Persons in possession of a BSc in Chemistry of the University of Fribourg or any other Swiss university are admitted to the MSc course of studies. Persons in possession of a BSc degree in a different subject or equivalent degrees (e.g. after graduating from an engineering school) can also be admitted to the MSc study program by analogy.

MSc courses are taught in English, German or French. For exams and written work (project reports, MSc thesis, etc.) students can choose between English, German or French.

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