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Fribourg team (31 October 2016)

We have recently developed a new rescaled PageRank metric that removes the time bias that is generally present in scores obtained Google's famous PageRank centrality in growing networks. We created a web site,, where you can browse research papers published by the American Physical Society and see their rescaled PageRank score, R(p). Since the new score is not biased by paper age, old seminal papers and new influential works have the same chance to appear at the top of the ranking by R(p). Visit the new web site to learn more. ...
Recovered from a security problem

Matus Medo (15 April 2015)

Our website had become a target of a malicious attack due to which we had to close it down temporarily. We have now improved the security standards and hope that no further attacks will occur in the foreseeable future. We apologize to all of you for the downtime! ...


Job openings

Postdoc Position on "The Energy Landscape of Machine Learning Algorithms" [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 07 November 2016

Applications are invited to fill one postdoctoral fellowship on "The Energy Landscape of Machine Learning Algorithms", possibly starting in the Fall 2017 (or earlier). The fellowship is funded by the Simons collaboration "Cracking The Glass Problem”.   The successful candidate will be affiliated at EPFL for two years.  She/he will spend half of that time there under the supervision of Matthieu Wyart in the Laboratory of Complex Systems, and the other half in Paris under the supervision of Giulio Biroli at (IPhT CEA & ENS).  ...
Two postdoc openings at Northwestern University [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 05 November 2016

The Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO) and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is looking for exceptional candidates to fill two open postdoctoral positions in data science, broadly defined.  ...
1 Assistant Professor in Economics [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 26 October 2016

Fields: Economics, Applied; Econometrics, Applied; Microeconometrics; Industrial Organization; Political Economy Activity: The position involves research, tutorship and mentoring of IMT Ph.D. students, limited teaching in the Institute's Ph.D. program, and participation in the development of the School's research activities. Profile: IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca invites applications from strong candidates for an Assistant Professor position in Economics....
Post-doc position in data science applications for financial risk modeling

posted by zkostanjcar's picturezkostanjcar, 07 October 2016

The University of  Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is offering a postdoc research position studying data science applications in financial risk modelling. Please feel free to share this post with any potential candidate. The starting date of the position is late 2016....


Predicting the rise of right-wing populism in response to unbalanced immigration

Boris Podobnik, Marko Jusup, H. Eugene Stanley

posted by matus's picturematus, 09 December 2016

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Universal Exponential Structure of Income Inequality: Evidence from 60 Countries

Yong Tao, Xiangjun Wu, Tao Zhou, Weibo Yan, Yanyuxiang Huang, Han Yu, Benedict Mondal, Victor M...

posted by matus's picturematus, 09 December 2016

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Modeling Structure and Resilience of the Dark Network

M. De Domenico, A. Arenas

posted by matus's picturematus, 09 December 2016

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Evolving network structure of academic institutions

Shufan Wang, Mariam Avagyan, Per Sebastian Skardal

posted by matus's picturematus, 09 December 2016

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The Build-Up of Diversity in Complex Ecosystems

Andrea Tacchella, Riccardo Di Clemente, Andrea Gabrielli, Luciano Pietronero

posted by matus's picturematus, 09 December 2016

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Towards Exact Solutions Of The American Style Options

Fredrick Michael

posted by fredrickmichael's picturefredrickmichael, 09 December 2016

download (68 views, 11 download, 1 comments)

The missing assets and the size of Shadow Banking: an update

Davide Fiaschi, Imre Kondor, Matteo Marsili, Valerio Volpati

posted by matus's picturematus, 16 November 2016

pdf (62 views, 32 download, 0 comments)

A Static Model for Stylized Facts in Social Networks

Hang-Hyun Jo, Yohsuke Murase, János Török, János Kertész, Kimmo Kaski

posted by matus's picturematus, 16 November 2016

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How the interbank market becomes systemically dangerous: an agent-based network model of financial distress propagation

Matteo Serri, Guido Caldarelli, Giulio Cimini

posted by matus's picturematus, 16 November 2016

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Collective navigation of complex networks: Participatory greedy routing

Kaj-Kolja Kleineberg, Dirk Helbing

posted by matus's picturematus, 16 November 2016

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