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Econophysics journals

posted on 03 May 2013

Anyone who knows an Econophysics journal or a Physics journal that accepts manuscripts relating to econophysics? Thanks. 


physica a, european physical journal b, physical review e etc.

thank you so much. have a great day.

Tragically, due to an inner administer of the diary, the Editors moved 

The content of the considerable number of commentaries to the body of the paper, which is an issue for the perusers of an article that, similar to this, was at that point long and complex. They likewise presented other little changes: some of them were formal enhancements, be that as it may, all in all, they accomplished more damage than great from my perspective.Econophysics is rapidly extending in the pages of material science diaries and comprises of the use of ideas and devices of measurable material science to financial aspects. A more logical financial matters ought to consider Custom Essay Service UK all applicable time scales and the associations among them. This will come about because of a blend of biological financial aspects, econophysics and other related orders, which could be named environmental econophysics. The present paper investigates some key points for the advancement of a natural econophysics.