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Human players are invited to challenge Minority Game players

Yi-Cheng Zhang

posted on 27 March 2003

In the past few months we (Fribourg University econophysics group) have been
testing an online interactive Minority Game that can be played around the
globe via the World Wide Web. A human player is pitted against a few dozen
adaptive MG players whose information capacity is very bounded, with an
adjustable range---hence various levels of difficulty.

The screen resembles that of a real trader: the human player sees a price
history and tries to bet on the next move. In all the levels we have chosen
the MG players such that some predictability is built in, but very noisy,
resembling the real quasi-efficient financial markets.

We know our MG players' bounded rationality but we don't know yours,
including ourselves. The fact is that after a short training time,
different people can achieve different scores with some consistency. If you
think you can outsmart these mechanical MG players, please give it a try as
the chances are good. But especially try to get high scores compared to
other human challengers!