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Mathematical model of innovative economy

Dubovikov N.

posted on 02 July 2016

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Dubovikov N.
Mathematical model of  innovative economy
The mathematical model of barter of free commodity producers is developed on the basis of mathe-
matical model of open market, the neoclassical model of economic growth of  Robert Solow, the influence
technological progress on J. Tinbergen and the model of functional dependence of index technological pro-
gress  when  technological  progress  is  the  exogenous  factor  of  economic  growth  and
reflects the law of accumulation of information in the economic system. The algorithm and program are de-
veloped  for  this  mathematical  model  of    innovative  economy  of  barter  of  free  commodity  producers  by
means of software MathCAD.   
Keywords:  іndex  technological  progress,  multifactor  productivity,  coefficient  of  adaptation  of
information, coefficient of application of information, law of accumulation of information, innovative econ-

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