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From the multi-terms urn model to the self-exciting negative binomial distribution and Hawkes processes

Masato Hisakado, Kodai Hattori, Shintaro Mori

posted on 05 January 2022

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<p>This study considers a new multi-term urn process that has a correlation in the same term and temporal correlation. The objective is to clarify the relationship between the urn model and the Hawkes process. Correlation in the same term is represented by the Pólya urn model and the temporal correlation is incorporated by introducing the conditional initial condition. In the double-scaling limit of this urn process, the self-exciting negative binomial distribution (SE-NBD) process, which is a marked point process, is obtained. In the standard continuous limit, this process becomes the Hawkes process, which has no correlation in the same term. The difference is the variance of the intensity function in that the phase transition from the steady to the non-steady state can be observed. The critical point, at which the power law distribution is obtained, is the same for the Hawkes and the urn processes. These two processes are used to analyze empirical data of financial default to estimate the parameters of the model. For the default portfolio, the results produced by the urn process are superior to those obtained with the Hawkes process and confirm self-excitation.</p>