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A Rejoinder to Mr. Murphy

Victor Aguilar

posted on 23 April 2014

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I would like to thank Robert Murphy for taking up the challenge to write a rebuttal to my 2004 paper, Critique of Austrian Economics From 1930 to 1990. As I state on the home page of this website, "critiques and rebuttals are how science advances." I firmly believe this and, after only three years of searching, I have found someone in the Austrian camp who also believes it.


For those who are not familiar with Robert P. Murphy, he has a regular online column and has written a study guide (2006) for Murray Rothbard's treatise (1970), Man, Economy and State, both of which are available from the Mises Institute.


Murphy writes, "Most Austrians are familiar with Victor Aguilar's Critique of Austrian Economics From 1930 to 1990. He has long since thrown down the gauntlet, by publicly offering to pay $1000 for the best response to his critique… I decided that I would be an appropriate person to write just such a reply." Because of Murphy's following among young Austrians, particularly those studying Man, Economy and State, which is the standard approach to Austrian theory, I also feel that he is an appropriate person to rebut my Critique and I have paid him $1000 to do so.


Mr. Murphy’s paper, A Reply to Aguilar, is posted here at the Econophysics Forum.