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Economics needs a scientific revolution

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (09 January 2009)

Compared to physics, it seems fair to say that the quantitative success of the economic sciences is disappointing. Rockets fly to the moon, energy is extracted from minute changes of atomic mass without major havoc, global positioning satellites help millions of people to find their way home. What is the flagship achievement of economics, apart from its recurrent inability to predict and avert crises, including the current worldwide credit crunch? ...
Fribourg Symposium

Yi-Cheng Zhang and Damien Challet (16 October 2008)

Last November we had an exciting gathering of many people who are/were physicists or other natural scientists but are working in finance, insurance and related sectors -- an occasion built upon the so-called econophysics community that brought together both academics and practitioners in an intimate encounter. ...



Announcement: Econophysics Colloquium 2014 [URL]

posted by liaohao's pictureliaohao, 07 March 2014

Call for papers: Paper submissions for ENEC International Conference 2014 is now open! [URL]

posted by enec's pictureenec, 10 December 2013



Job openings

Junior Researcher (PhD student) - Kiel University

posted by mraddant's picturemraddant, 02 May 2017

The Department of Economics at Kiel University, is searching for a     Junior Researcher (PhD student)   for a 2 year, fixed term, renewable appointment at the  Chair of Monetary Economics and International Finance. The position is initially funded for two years at 50% of full‐time equivalent (19,35 hours), starting on 1 June 2017.  The salary will be based on the German public sector pay scale at grade EG 13 TV‐L. The position comes with a teaching obligation of 2 hours per week (2...
1 Assistant Professor in Economics [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 26 October 2016

Fields: Economics, Applied; Econometrics, Applied; Microeconometrics; Industrial Organization; Political Economy Activity: The position involves research, tutorship and mentoring of IMT Ph.D. students, limited teaching in the Institute's Ph.D. program, and participation in the development of the School's research activities. Profile: IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca invites applications from strong candidates for an Assistant Professor position in Economics....
Post-doc position in data science applications for financial risk modeling

posted by zkostanjcar's picturezkostanjcar, 07 October 2016

The University of  Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is offering a postdoc research position studying data science applications in financial risk modelling. Please feel free to share this post with any potential candidate. The starting date of the position is late 2016....
International Scouting for Tenure-Track Positions 2016 [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 23 June 2016

The IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (, one of the five Schools of Excellence in Italy, is collecting expressions of interest for Tenure-Track faculty positions from exceptional candidates of all ranks in: Economics, Management and Data Science...
PhD Scholarships in Economics, Management Science and Data Science at IMT Lucca (Italy) [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 10 June 2016

Applications are now being accepted for scholarships for the Economics, Management Science and Data Science (EMDS) curriculum within the 2016/17 PhD program at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (, one of the five Schools of Excellence in Italy.  Perspective students should preferably have a master-level background in economics, management science, physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering or in a re...


Persistent Intraday Correlations Create Skews in Daily-Scale Distributions

T. J. Mazurek

posted by t.j.mazurek's picturet.j.mazurek, 11 July 2017

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The effect of the behavior of an average consumer on the public debt dynamics

Roberto De Luca, Marco Di Mauro, Angelo Falzarano, Adele Naddeo

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Risk Model Based on General Compound Hawkes Process

Anatoliy Swishchuk

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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To slow, or not to slow? New science in sub-second networks

Neil F. Johnson

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Probing empirical contact networks by simulation of spreading dynamics

Petter Holme

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Multilink Communities of Multiplex Networks

Raul J Mondragon, Jacopo Iacovacci, Ginestra Bianconi

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Election forensic analysis of the Turkish Constitutional Referendum 2017

Peter Klimek, Raul Jimenez, Manuel Hidalgo, Abraham Hinteregger, Stefan Thurner

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Service adoption spreading in online social networks

Gerardo Iñiguez, Zhongyuan Ruan, Kimmo Kaski, János Kertész, Márton Karsai

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Complex Correlation Approach for High Frequency Financial Data

M. Wilinski, Y. Ikeda, H. Aoyama

posted by mwilinski's picturemwilinski, 27 June 2017

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Planimetry of economic states

S.Melnyk, I.Tuluzov, A.Melnyk

posted by Melnyk's pictureMelnyk, 22 March 2017

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