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Achilles' heels of current economic theories - The debate

Dirk Helbing, ETHZ, Switzerland (16 May 2011)

A guest editorial by Dirk Helbing (ETHZ, Switzerland) presenting an ongoing debate on the Achilles' heels of current economic theories. ...
Worrying signs of “new thinking”

YC Zhang (12 April 2010)

During the spectacular financial market crashes and the resulted recession, there has been renewed assault on the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and its theoretical basis—mainstream economics. George Soros announced Oct. 2009 that he will put 50 million dollars over ten years to establish an “Institute for New Economic Thinking”. ...


Job openings

Network science positions at UC Davis

posted by matus's picturematus, 08 June 2016

Opportunity to any outstanding young scholars interested in postdoctoral positions:   1) Postdoctoral scholar in complex networks, non-linear dynamics and control to begin in late Fall 2016. This 2-3 year position is on the team of Prof. Raissa D'Souza,  To apply please submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to with subject line "Postdoc application".  ...
Postdoctoral position in the physics of living systems at Syracuse University [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 01 June 2016

We invite applications for a theoretical/computational research postdoctoral position in the physics of living systems, specifically to study how fluid-solid transitions affect cancer tumor invasiveness. The successful candidate will work jointly between the groups of Professor Manning, Professor Marchetti and Professor Schwarz.  There will be significant opportunities to collaborate with researchers in our strong and dynamic soft matter program, including Professors Mark Bowick, Alan Middleton, and Joseph Paulsen as well as additional experimental collaborators at SU and around the globe....
Junior Professorship in “Modelling of Complex Self-organizing Systems” at the University of Konstanz [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 31 May 2016

The Department of Computer and Information Science and the Department of Biology are establishing a joint research centre with an interdisciplinary research focus on “Organismal Interaction Analysis”. The core research theme of this centre is the study of the collective animal behaviour. This Junior Professorship is of central importance within the planned centre for data driven analysis and formal modelling of complex, self-organizing collective behaviour of animal groups and swarms in reactive environments....
Two permanent positions in Applied Mathematics, including Financial Mathematics at the Dublin City University [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 31 May 2016

The School of Mathematical Sciences in Dublin City University provides undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes in Actuarial Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Data Science, Mathematics (BA) and Mathematics Teacher Education as well as providing extensive service mathematics courses across all five Faculties of the university.  ...
PhD and post-doc positions at the University of Zurich, Institute of Sociology [URL]

posted by matus's picturematus, 30 May 2016

The Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich aims to fill several research positions. We are looking for 1 Doctoral student (60%) and 1 Post-Doctoral researcher (75-100%)...


New approaches in agent-based modeling of complex financial systems

T. T. Chen, B. Zheng, Y. Li, X. F. Jiang

posted by matus's picturematus, 21 March 2017

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Centralities of Nodes and Influences of Layers in Large Multiplex Networks

Christoph Rahmede, Jacopo Iacovacci, Alex Arenas, Ginestra Bianconi

posted by matus's picturematus, 21 March 2017

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The Role of Network Analysis in Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Mason A. Porter, Sam D. Howison

posted by matus's picturematus, 21 March 2017

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Network-based Anomaly Detection for Insider Trading

Adarsh Kulkarni, Priya Mani, Carlotta Domeniconi

posted by matus's picturematus, 27 February 2017

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Performance of information criteria used for model selection of Hawkes process models of financial data

J. M. Chen, A. G. Hawkes, E. Scalas, M. Trinh

posted by matus's picturematus, 27 February 2017

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Collective phenomena in crowds - where pedestrian dynamics need social psychology

Anna Sieben, Jette Schumann, Armin Seyfried

posted by matus's picturematus, 27 February 2017

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Detecting Strong Ties Using Network Motifs

Rahmtin Rotabi, Krishna Kamath, Jon Kleinberg, Aneesh Sharma

posted by matus's picturematus, 27 February 2017

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Predicting Stock Market Prices with Physical Laws

J. T. Manhire

posted by manhire's picturemanhire, 12 February 2017

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Towards Exact Nonextensive Solutions Of The American Style Options II

Fredrick Michael

posted by fredrickmichael's picturefredrickmichael, 08 February 2017

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The Computer Science and Physics of Community Detection: Landscapes, Phase Transitions, and Hardness

Cristopher Moore

posted by matus's picturematus, 08 February 2017

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