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Nature science updat: Market calms before storm [URL]

posted by editor's pictureeditor, 01 May 2001

People: H.A. Simon Died at Age 84 [URL]

posted by editor's pictureeditor, 05 March 2001



Diffusion of innovations in social interaction systems. An agent-based model for the introduction of new drugs in markets

Julio Pombo-Romero, Luis M. Varela & Carlos J. Ricoy

posted by juliopombo's picturejuliopombo, 11 May 2012

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Complex-Valued Best Linear Unbiased Estimator of an Unknown Constant Mean of White Noise

Tomasz Suslo

posted by tomaszsuslo's picturetomaszsuslo, 07 May 2012

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A Confidence Representation Theorem for Ambiguous Sources with Applications to Financial Markets and Trade Algorithm

G. Charles-Cadogan

posted by gocadog's picturegocadog, 01 May 2012

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Optimal modularity: a demonstration of the evolutionary advantage of modular architectures

Koen Frenken and Stefan Mendritzki

posted by erickb's pictureerickb, 01 May 2012

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Price and Quantity Trajectories: Second-order Dynamics

Eric Kemp-Benedict

posted by erickb's pictureerickb, 17 April 2012

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The Proof of Innocence

Dmitri Krioukov

posted by xrigher's picturexrigher, 16 April 2012

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Quantifying the Advantage of Looking Forward

Tobias Preis, Helen Susannah Moat, H. Eugene Stanley and Steven R. Bishop

posted by preis's picturepreis, 08 April 2012

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Equivalence of interest rate models and lattice gases

Dan Pirjol

posted by Anonymous's pictureAnonymous, 05 April 2012

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Evolutionary Model of the Personal Income Distribution

Joachim Kaldasch

posted by Kaldasch's pictureKaldasch, 31 March 2012

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