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A Tale of Two Directions

Yi-Cheng Zhang (01 April 2001)

The statistical Mechanics Community used to be a unified fraternality inside the greater physics discipline. We recall that in the golden eighties there were such romantic themes as the then-emergent field: pattern formation, fractals, DLA, SOC, which even some of the most prominent physicists gravitated. No longer. The Community as we know it doesn't exist any more, even though grand meetings like Statphys21 still attract hundreds, but it seems more like an Old-Boys-Club than a place to look up for clues of new directions and inspirations. ...
Let the debate begin

Yi-Cheng Zhang (01 December 2000)

Le Monde published an unusual article ["premier appel"] , ["contre appel"], an appeal of over two hundreds economists of elite French hautes ecoles publicly aired their rebelion against what is called Neo-classical economics, especially the formal math models without pratical relevance. And there is also a pitiful defense of about fifteen economists calling for mercy and reason. I thank Erico Scalas for suggesting to us this piece of news. ...


Job openings

Postdoctoral Research Associate Position at Georgetown University, USA

posted by sbansal's picturesbansal, 22 February 2013

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Department of Biology, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA...
Assistant Professor in Computational Social Sciences, University of Vermont USA

posted by Anonymous's pictureAnonymous, 31 October 2012

The University of Vermont (UVM) seeks a tenure track assistant professor with outstanding research and teaching capabilities in the realm of Computational Social Science. ...
Tenured Faculty positions at IMT Lucca

posted by Anonymous's pictureAnonymous, 25 September 2012

IMT Lucca ( is a public research university that encompasses three complementary natures: a doctoral school, an institute for advanced studies, and an  institute of technology....
Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Fellowships at IMT LUcca [URL]

posted by Anonymous's pictureAnonymous, 07 September 2012

The IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( invites applications for two Assistant Professor positions (deadline October 12th) and two Post-Doctoral Fellow positions (deadline September 28th) in Statistical Physics....
Last Call: PhD Scholarships in Management Science and Economics [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 30 August 2012

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( is accepting applications, from extremely motivated students oriented towards dynamic and highly applicative research opportunities, for fully-funded positions in its 2013 Doctoral Research Program in Economics and Management Science. The Program offers advanced courses with a focus on the analysis, the design and management of a large variety of socio-theorical systems and aims to contribute the advancement of the frontiers of research....


Stochastic volatility models, singular dynamics and constrained path integrals

Mauricio Contreras and Sergio Hojman

posted by mauriccio1965's picturemauriccio1965, 15 May 2016

link (566 views, 0 download, 1 comments)

Accelerating Network Statistical Dynamics

Fredrick Michael

posted by fredrickmichael's picturefredrickmichael, 13 May 2016

linkdownload (318 views, 210 download, 0 comments)

Epidemiology Interacting Many-Body Models

Fredrick Michael

posted by fredrickmichael's picturefredrickmichael, 13 May 2016

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Stochastic volatility models at ρ = ±1 as second class constrained Hamiltonian systems

Mauricio Contreras G.

posted by mauriccio1965's picturemauriccio1965, 09 May 2016

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Multi-asset Black–Scholes model as a variable second class constrained dynamical system

M. Bustamante, M. Contreras

posted by mauriccio1965's picturemauriccio1965, 09 May 2016

link (566 views, 332 download, 1 comments)

Libor at crossroads: stochastic switching detection using information theory quantifiers

Aurelio F. Bariviera, M. Belén Guercio, Lisana B. Martinez, Osvaldo A. Rosso

posted by aurelio's pictureaurelio, 05 May 2016

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The noisy voter model on complex networks

Adrián Carro, Raúl Toral, Maxi San Miguel

posted by Adrián's pictureAdrián, 23 April 2016

linkdownload (751 views, 192 download, 1 comments)

An alternative measure of economic inequality in the light of optics

Amlan Majumder

posted by amlan's pictureamlan, 17 April 2016

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