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aapoverty's pictureaapoverty said on 04 January 2016

Who are we ?

An association of researchers and other interested people, usually with backgrounds in the natural sciences, environment, economics or business, who are interested in reinforcing economic science and public policy by integrating knowledge from natural and social sciences.

About ISBPE-2016

The first meeting of BioPhysical Economics was held in Syracuse in 2008 under the leadership of Charles Hall, a disciple of Systems Ecologist H. T. Odum. By 2015 we have had six very successful meetings without, however, formalizing our group. During our 2015 Joint Meeting of Canada and United States Societies for Ecological Economics (CANUSSEE 2015) at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, the group decided to formalize its identity and become the “International Society for BioPhysical Economics (ISBPE).” We also decided to continue our loose ties to ecological economics. Thus the 7th BioPhysical Economics Meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Society of Ecological Economics in Washington.

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