Master of Arts in European Business


The Master of Arts in European Business is a 90 ECTS-Master in Management with a strong emphasis on International Management and in particular with a focus on Business in Europe. The brochure of the MA in European Business can be found here.


Executives in today’s business world must understand the complexity of international business, must be able to manage within an increasingly global environment, must identify global business opportunities and must compete against international competitors. Therefore, the programme (taught in English) is designed to teach the necessary methods, concepts and tools to manage international companies as well as to build intercultural awareness and soft skills that are necessary to be a successful and valuable member of a management team.

Depending on the specialisation that you choose in the optional module you can develop the necessary skills to work in an executive position in marketing, general management, finance or controlling in any multinational company.


The programme does certainly not neglect the business opportunities and the particularities of management in the fast-growing regions of China, India or in the traditionally important market of the USA, but some emphasis is given to the high-income markets in Western Europe and the fast growing countries of Eastern Europe, that currently grow together to an economic region of more than 500 million inhabitants, integrating not only the EU, but also the EFTA and the neighbouring countries in a number of multilateral and bilateral agreements.

Within the Master of Arts in European Business, students can select from an interesting and wide base of courses. In addition to that, we offer a very high practice orientation. Students study in (intercultural) teams, we organise field trips to best-practice companies and to international institutions like the EU commission and regularly, high-level executives and other external experts from international companies and organisations give presentations within the Master programme. For examples of such presentations click here.



The core of the programme is the module "European Business". Besides that, students have to choose one optional module out of four. More detailed information on the core module as well as on the optional modules is available from the menu at the left. Some of the courses can be accredited to different modules.


As "Additional Courses", further master courses from one of the modules that has not been chosen as the optional module or even courses which are not offered within the modules mentioned above can be completed for up to 18 ECTS (those can include 9 credits chosen in any of the University's Master's programmes). At total of at least 63 ECTS credits have to be collected from semester courses.

To finish the programme, a master thesis has to be written.


The language of instruction in the programme is English; however, a maximum of 18 ECTS can be obtained in French or German. This means that the course lists provided on this website are not complete. They contain examples and they only contain courses in English. The full selection of master courses in Management, Economics, Social Sciences, Information Technology in French and German is also available for the master students for up to 18 ECTS (i.e. about 4 courses).


The access requirements to this consecutive Master are a Bachelor of Arts in Management, in Economics and Social Sciences, or in Information Systems or any university qualification judged to be equivalent. For holders of a different bachelor degree or in specific cases, a supplementary programme of up to 60 ECTS can be demanded. This supplementary programme is available in French, German or English language.