Core Module: European Business


The core of the programme is the module “European Business” in which you have to obtain at least 27 ECTS, i.e. take about 6 courses. All courses in this module have a focus on international business. Here, only courses in English language are listed, while additional courses in German or French might exist. An outlook on the courses offered by different professors and lecturers in the next semesters is given here.


Two courses are strongly recommended for the module, namely


  • Fundamentals of International Management
    (D. Morschett)
  • Managerial Aspects of European and Global Integration
    (D. Morschett)


Other courses that can be accredited towards the core module are (selection):


  • Intercultural Management (E. Davoine)
  • Transnational Enterprises in Global Societies (P. Dembinski)
  • Strategic Value Creation (M. Hilb)
  • Managing the Multinational Network (D. Morschett)
  • European Marketing (D. Morschett)
  • Advanced Seminar in European Business (D. Morschett)
  • Excursion European Business (to Brussels/Rotterdam) (D. Morschett)
  • Globalization, Income Distribution, and Economic Growth (V. Grossmann)
  • SME in the Global Value Chain (P. Dembinski)


For the currently valid list, you should check the faculty’s website.


In addition, the University of Fribourg cooperates in the BeNeFri-network with the neighbouring universities of Berne and Neuchatel. Courses from their course lists can also be taken and can – after permission by the programme responsibles – be accredited towards the optional modules.