Dr Beatriz Lorente

Post-doctorante FNS en Sociolinguistique


Bâtiment RDM - Bureau K2.04
Rue de Rome 1
CH-1700 Fribourg
T: +41 26 305 61 76


Domaines de recherche

  • Economie politique des langues
  • Langues et globalisation
  • Langues et migration
  • Politique linguistique


  • Articles et chapitres de livres

    Lorente, B.P. and Tupas, T.R.F. (2014). (Un)Emancipatory hybridity: selling English in an unequal world. In R. Rubdy & L. Alsagoff (Eds.), The Global-Local Interface and Hybridity: Exploring Language and Identity (pp. 66 – 82). Bristol, Buffalo & Toronto: Multilingual Matters.

    Tupas, T.R.F and Lorente, B.P. (2014). A ‘new’ politics of language in the Philippines: bilingual education and the challenge of the mother tongues. In P. Sercombe & T.R.F. Tupas (Eds.), Language, Education and Nation-Building: Assimilation and Shift in Southeast Asia (pp.165 – 180). Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.

    Lorente, B.P. (2013). The grip of English and Philippine language policy. In L.H.A. Wee, L. Lim & R.B.H. Goh (Eds.), The Politics of English in Asia: Language Policy and Cultural Expression in South and Southeast Asia (pp.187 – 203). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

    Lorente, B.P. (2012). The making of workers of the world: language and the labor brokerage state. In A. Duchene & M. Heller (Eds.), Pride and profit: language in late capitalism (pp.183 – 206). London and New York: Routledge.

    Lorente, B.P. (2010). Packaging English-speaking products: maid agencies in Singapore (pp. 44 – 55). In H. Kelly-Holmes and G. Mautner (Eds.), Language and the Market, Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.