Iris Schaller Schwaner

Lectrice en Anglais langue étrangère (EFL)


Bâtiment MIS 10 - Bureau 3.09
Rue de Rome 1
CH-1700 Fribourg
T: +41 26 300 79 01

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Domaines de recherche

  • English as a Lingua Franca in multilingual academic settings
  • English for Academic Purposes in multilingual settings
  • Phonetics and Linguistics for English language learning and ELT


  • Articles et chapitres de livres

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2017) Bi(tri)lingualism: ELF as ‘edulect’ in German and French language teaching- the choice of ELF in DaF and FLE: initial explorations at UFR. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference on English as a Lingua Franca, University of Helsinki, June 15, 2017.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2015c) The habitat factor in ELF(A) – English as a Lingua Franca (in Academic settings) – and English for Plurilingual Academic Purposes. Language Learning in Higher Education 5(2): 1-23.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2015b) ELF oral presentations in a multilingual context: intelligibility, familiarity and agency. In: Bowles, Hugo & Cogo, Alessia (eds.) International Perspectives on English as a Lingua Franca: Pedagogical Insights (International Perspectives in ELT) Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan: 72-95.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2015a) Does a picture say more than 7000 words? Windows of opportunity to learn languages - an attempt at a creative reflective poster. Language Learning in Higher Education 5(1): 1-23.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2012) Researching English as a Lingua Franca and teaching English for Plurilingual Academic Purposes. In Blons-Pierre, C. (ed.) Apprendre, enseigner et évaluer les langues dans le context de Bologne et du CECR. Sprachen lernen, lehren und beurteilen im Kontext von Bologna und dem GER. Bern etc.: Peter Lang: 141- 167.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2011) The eye of the beholder: Is English as a Lingua Franca in academic settings a monolingual or multilingual practice? Language Learning in Higher Education (Journal of CerleS) 1: 423-446.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2009) Under the microscope: English for Plurilingual Academic Purposes. In Veronesi, D. & Nickenig, Ch. (eds.) Bi- and Multilingual Universities: European Perspectives and Beyond: Conference Proceedings Bolzano-Bozen, 20-22 September 2007. Bozen University Press, 245-263.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2008) Everything is like something: what is this like? On finding a tertium comparationis for L3/L4 English used as an academic lingua franca at Freiburg-Fribourg University. In Gibson, Martha; Hufeisen, Britta; Personne, Cornelia (eds.) Multilingualism: learning and instruction. Selected papers from the L3 confererence in Freiburg/Switzerland (Mehrsprachigkeit und multiples Sprachenlernen 5) Schneider Verlag Hohengehren: Baltmannsweiler: 255- 272.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2005) Teaching ESAP at Switzerland's Bilingual University: the case of English for Psychology. In: Gohard-Radenkovic, Aline (ed.) Mehrsprachigkeit, Interkulturalität und Fremdsprachendidaktik in einem zweisprachigen Kontext (transversales 11) Bern etc., Peter Lang: 73-88.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. & Tschichold, C. (2004) Born to be wild: English in Swiss public space. In Spurr, David & Tschichold C. (eds.) The Space of English. (SPELL Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature 17) Tübingen: Narr: 227-247.

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2003) Unpacking before take-off: English for Swiss Purposes in code-mixed advertisement texts for 14-20-year olds. Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée 77: 17-50.

  • Autres

    Schaller-Schwaner, I. (2017) The many faces of English at Switzerland’s Bilingual University: English as an academic lingua franca at the institutionally bilingual University of Freiburg/Fribourg - a contextual analysis of its agentive use. Unpublished doctoral thesis. University of Vienna.