Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

The Faculty SES offers university studies in management, economics, information systems and mass media and communication research. Our professors, researchers and PhD students introduce state-of-the-art scientific knowledge into their teaching and thus ensure the excellence of our study programmes.

Our strengths include an ideal size and the personal study atmosphere, an optimal combination of research and practice, the diversity of languages and the intercultural experience.

The Faculty SES is located in a modern building equipped with state of the art installations for teaching, learning, and research, providing an ideal facility for about 2'000 students.


Débat avec le Prof. M. Schelker à la Télévision Suisse romande

En lien avec l'esprit de milice et l'engagement citoyen, le débat du 5 juin à la...


Artikel von Prof. V. Grossmann in IZA World of Labor

«Migration policies need to consider how immigration affects investment behavior and productivity, and how these effects...


Interview mit Prof. Regula Hänggli in SRF1

«Grosse Reden im Medienwandel - «Auch auf Facebook funktioniert die klassische Rhetorik» Interview von 20 Mai...

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Joseph Deiss

Ehem. Bundespräsident und ehem. Präsident der


(Dr. rer. pol., 1973)
SES Careers ...
Daniel Risch

Deputy Prime Minister

Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein

(Dr. rer. pol., 2007)
SES Careers ...
Regula Tschanz


Grüne Schweiz

(MA in Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung, 2012)
SES Careers ...
Christian Levrat


SP Schweiz

(Diplomlehrgang Verbandsmanagement, 2000)

9ème Conférence Atlas AFMI

17-19 juin 2019

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