Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

The Faculty SES offers university studies in management, economics, information systems and mass media and communication research. Our professors, researchers and PhD students introduce state-of-the-art scientific knowledge into their teaching and thus ensure the excellence of our study programmes.

Our strengths include an ideal size and the personal study atmosphere, an optimal combination of research and practice, the diversity of languages and the intercultural experience.

The Faculty SES is located in a modern building equipped with state of the art installations for teaching, learning, and research, providing an ideal facility for about 2'000 students.


Article en lien avec le MAS en Management, ressources humaines et carrières avec le Prof. Davoine

"Dans un monde où les entreprises subissent de constantes mutations en raison des profonds chamboulements du...


Artikel von Prof. Eichenberger und Forschungs-Assistent Yves Hertig in der Ökonomenstimme

«Die Formel 1 hat grosse Probleme: Infolge der hohen Kosten können nur ganz wenige Teams an...


Interview mit Prof. J. Metag im SNF Forschungsmagazin Horizonte

Das Vertrauen in die Wissenschaft ist gross», erklärt Co-Projektleiterin Prof. Julia Metag «In der Schweiz sogar...


Félicitations à notre diplômée en informatique de gestion pour l'obtention du prix du meilleur travail de Master en Suisse

Vera Fischer, assistante diplômée en informatique de gestion a gagné le prix du meilleur travail de...


WP 495 out now

This paper proposes semi- and nonparametric methods for disentangling the total causal effect of a continuous ...

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Christian Levrat


SP Schweiz

(Diplomlehrgang Verbandsmanagement, 2000)
SES Careers ...
Jan Jenisch


(lic. rer. pol., 1993)
SES Careers ...
Alena Kress


(MA in Kommunikationswissenschaften und Medienforschung, 2015)
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Thomas Blunck

Member of the Board of Management

Munich Re

(Dr. rer. pol., 1993)


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