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Faculty of management, economics and social sciences

The Faculty SES offers university studies in management, economics, information systems and mass media and communication research. Our professors, researchers and PhD students introduce state-of-the-art scientific knowledge into their teaching and thus ensure the excellence of our study programmes.

Our strengths include an ideal size and the personal study atmosphere, an optimal combination of research and practice, the diversity of languages and the intercultural experience.

The Faculty SES is located in a modern building equipped with state of the art installations for teaching, learning, and research, providing an ideal facility for about 2'000 students.


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Artikel von Prof. R. Eichenberger & Prof. D. Stadelmann in der NZZ

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SES Master Evening

Mardi/Dienstag 10 Mars 2020 / Bd de Pérolles 90, Fribourg

Séance d’Informations sur les 8 Master

Informationsabend über die 8 Master

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Master in Data Analytics & Economics

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