Board of Teacher Education for secondary level

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Board of Teacher Education for secondary level is the advisory and coordinating body of the University of Fribourg for the training of teachers at secondary levels I and II. It operates under the authority of the Rectorate which appoints its members.


Gurtner Jean-Luc, Faculty of Arts

Amherdt François-Xavier, Faculty of Theology
Stöckli Hubert, Faculty of Law
Schelker Mark, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Berthele Raphaël, Faculty of Arts
Pauli Christine, Faculty of Arts
Mauch Felix, Faculty of Science

Research Assistants
Lau Thomas
Leuenberger Christoph
Platteaux Hervé

Riedener Madlen

Schmidt Thomas, vice-recteur
Plancherel Carole, Representative, Directorate of Public Education, Culture and Sport
Castella Schwarzen Christiane, Schools’ Representative
Catillaz Josef, Representative, HEP (University of Teacher Education)
Baeriswyl Franz, Secondary School Teaching I
Pillonel Roland, Centre for Teaching and Research in the Training of Secondary Teachers
Wepf Lorenz, Secondary School Teaching I