Catholic Pastoral Care Commission

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Commission gives the Rectorate its provisional decision regarding candidates proposed by the Bishopric for the position of chaplain. It establishes the job description of the chaplains. It mentors and supports the chaplains. It reviews and transmits to the Rectorate the annual report of the work of the chaplaincy and submits a provisional decision to the Rectorate on the application for the operating credit and the accounts. It meets the Evangelical Reformed Pastoral Care Commission at least once a year at the University.


Weichlein Siegfried

Emery Gilles

Research Assistants
Fux Manuela

Rotzer Bernhard
Ortelli Pascal

Administrative and Technical Staff
Evers Greder Barbara N.N.

Moenkehues Christina, Representative of the Local Church
Bucher Lukas, Academic Director
de Roten Philippe, Academic Director
Bergers Martin, Chaplain