Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen

  • Artikel

    Berno Buechel and Lydia Mechtenberg. The swing voter’s curse in social networks. Games and Economic Behavior, 118: 241-268, 2019. [pdf] [link] [appendix] [Poster

    Berno Buechel, Stefan Klössner, Martin Lochmüller, Heiko Rauhut. The Strength of Weak Leaders: An Experiment on Social Influence and Social Learning in Teams. Experimental Economics , (), 1-35, 2019. [pdf] [link] [appendix] [News

    Berno Buechel, Lydia Mechtenberg, and Julia Petersen. If I can do it, so can you! Peer effects on perseverance. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 155: 301-314, 2018. [pdf] [link] [News]

    Berno Buechel and Gerd Muehlheusser. Black Sheep or Scapegoats? Implementable Monitoring Policies under Unobservable Levels of Misbehavior. The Journal of Legal Studies45 (2): 331-366 , 2016. [pdf] [link]

    Berno Buechel and Jan F. Klein. Restrictions in spatial competition: The effects on firms and consumers. Homo Oeconomicus - Journal of Behavioral and Institutional Economics, 33(1):157–172, 2016. [pdf[link] [online appendix]

    Berno Buechel, Eike Emrich, and Stefanie Pohlkamp. Nobody’s innocent: the role of customers in the doping dilemma. Journal of Sports Economics, 17(8):767-789, 2016. [pdf] [link] [News

    Berno Buechel, Tim Hellmann, and Stefan Klössner. Opinion dynamics and wisdom under conformity. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 52(C):240–257, 2015. [pdf] [link] [Video]

    Berno Buechel and Nils Roehl. Robust equilibria in location games. European Journal of Operational Research, 240(2):505–517, 2015. [pdf] [link]

    Berno Buechel, Tim Hellmann, and Michael M. Pichler. The dynamics of continuous cultural traits in social networks. Journal of Economic Theory, 154(C):274–309, 2014. [pdf] [link]

    Berno Buechel. Condorcet winners on median spaces. Social Choice and Welfare, 42(3):735–750, 2014. [pdf] [link]

    Berno Buechel and Vincent Buskens. The dynamics of closeness and betweenness. The Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 37(3):159–191, 2013. [pdf] [link]

    Berno Buechel and Tim Hellmann. Under-connected and over-connected networks: the role of externalities in strategic network formation. Review of Economic Design, 16(1):71–87, 2012. [pdf] [link] [Video]

  • Working Papers

    Berno Buechel, Eberhard Feess, Gerd Muehlheusser. Optimal Law Enforcement with Sophisticated and Naive Offenders. University of Fribourg. [pdf]


    Berno Buechel and Philemon Krähenmann. Fixed Price Equilibria on Peer-to-Peer Platforms: Lessons from Time-Based Currencies. University of Fribourg.[pdf]


  • Buchbeiträge

    Berno Buechel. Network formation with closeness incentives. In Ahmad K. Naimzada, Silvana
    Stefani, and Anna Torriero, editors, Networks, Topology and Dynamics, volume 613 of Lecture
    Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, pages 95–109. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009.

    Berno Buechel, Thorsten Teichert, and Katja Rost. Netzwerkanwendungen und Soziales Kapital
    in der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. In Uwe Serdült, editor, Anwendungen sozialer Netzwerkanalyse
    2004, volume 3 of Zürcher Politik- & Evaluationsstudien, pages 55–70. Universität Zürich, 2005.

  • Andere Publikationen

    Andreas Brunhart and Berno Buechel. Ungleichheit in Liechtenstein: Entwicklung bei Vermögen und Einkommen. LI Focus 3/2016.» [pdf] [link

    Andreas Brunhart and Berno Buechel. Das verfügbare Einkommen in Liechtenstein im Vergleich mit der Schweiz. Studie im Auftrag der liechtensteinischen Regierung, 2016.[pdf] [link]