31 October 2019 | 16:15
Adaptation of S/EICAT to incorporate beneficial impacts of alien species
Giovanni Vimercati, University of Fribourg
07 November 2019 | 16:15
Diffusion, content and evolution of socially exchanged fluids in ant colonies
Marie-Pierre Meurville, University of Fribourg
14 November 2019 | 16:15
Commodity-specific punishment for induced cheating in a cooperative breeder
Jan Naef, University of Bern
21 November 2019 | 16:15
When does evolution optimise emergent population properties
Dr Rudolf Rohr, University of Fribourg
05 December 2019 | 16:15
The physiological basis of costs of reproduction in Drosophila
Marisa Almeida Rodrigues, University of Fribourg
12 December 2019 | 16:15
Plant herbivore interaction under climatic warming
Soutenance de mémoire/thèse
Carine Beuchat, University of Fribourg
19 December 2019 | 16:15
Alternative host plants as potential trap crops against Drosophila suzukii in vineyards
Anne-Laure Fragnière, Agroscope