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Biology is the major annual Swiss conference on organismal biology, covering all aspects of ecology, evolution, systematics, behavior, and conservation. The meeting represents the annual meeting of the Swiss Zoological (SZS), Botanical (SBS) and Systematics (SSS) societies who co-sponsor the event via the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), together with support from the Swiss Bioinformatics Institute (SIB). It aims to provide a platform for lively exchange between students, early-career scientists and established researchers across diverse institutions and disciplines within organismal biology.

To celebrate Darwin’s groundbreaking insights, this 2-day conference traditionally takes place around Darwin’s birthday and brings together approx. 300 participants from the Swiss community and beyond. It features 4 plenary talks by internationally renowned invited speakers; dozens of contributed talks by early-career scientists; a lively poster session; and, importantly, on Thursday evening the traditional ‘Darwin’s birthday party’, a conference banquet with an after-dinner talk given by a renowned invited speaker and followed by a party. The day before the meeting (5 February) is reserved for a satellite meeting of the Swiss Bioinformatics Institute (SIB) on 'Analyzing Microbiomes' (organized by Laurent Falquet, Fribourg); if you are interested in attending the SIB satellite meeting you can register using the above-mentioned link.

speaker Keynote speakers:
• Claudia Bank, Instituto Gulbenkian, Portugal | evolutionary dynamics
• Iain Couzin, Max Planck Institute/Univ. of Konstanz, Germany | collective behavior
• Alexandra-Maria Klein, University of Freiburg, Germany | ecosystems, landscape ecology
• Andrea Waeschenbach, Natural History Museum, London | molecular phylogenetics

Darwin speaker:
John Pannell, University of Lausanne, CH
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Prof. Thomas Flatt
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