Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences 

The Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences (FGLS) is an interdisciplinary and international graduate school, which offers a coordinated doctoral programme in life sciences at the University of Fribourg.
It addresses doctoral fellows in the fields of biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, chemistry, physics, bioinformatics and mathematics with a focus on life science. State-of-the-art theoretical and experimental research will lead to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Faculty of Sciences offers the following degrees related to biology:

  • PhD in Biology (Areas of research: Neuro & Developmental Biology, Ecology & Evolution, Plant & Microbial Sciences)
  • PhD in Biochemistry
  • PhD in Bioinformatics


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Doctor of Philosophy  in Biology (PhD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the advantage to be part of the FGLS?

    FGLS offers a coordinated program ensuring regular thesis meetings and high-standard education including the participation at national and international conferences. FGLS supports PhD students in scientific and personal matters and offers mentoring and counseling. Basically: “We are here to help you!”

  • Who puts together the thesis committee?

    It is the duty of the student to contact PIs to join her/his committee. We recommend discussing possible committee members with her/his supervisor beforehand.

  • Who organizes thesis committee meetings?

    It is the duty of the student to contact PIs to schedule her/his committee meeting.

  • Who writes thesis committee meeting protocols?

    Students have to bring the forms with them to the meetings. The thesis committee fills out the protocols.

  • Who stores/where are protocols and record sheets stored?

    Protocols are stored in the Department Secretariat together with all other forms of the student (contract, admission, etc.).

  • Who checks fulfillment of the requirements (credits, visits of conferences) to graduate?

    The supervisor checks fulfillment of requirements for graduation. However, it is the duty of the student to keep track of all her/his activities and hand in all requested certificates.

  • How can I earn credits from internal courses given at the Department of Biology, Fribourg?

    PhD students have to register at the Department Secretariat with Ms Eirini Maikanti for exams.

  • How to apply for admission, enrolment conditions and the registration procedure?

    You can find all the information on the UNIFR admission webpage

  • I'm finishing my PhD, what do I have to do?

    1) Choose the people for your PhD committee

    2) Propose your PhD committe at the Faculty meeting (see Eveline Burri)

    Be careful : these meetings are not very frequent! The last one of the scholar year is around beginning of May so decide and announce your committee as early as possible (even before writing)

    3) As soon as the first version of your PhD thesis is written, send/give it at the same day to the 3 members of your committe (printed or as pdf) for evaluation and to Eveline Burri - she needs 2 printed and simply bound versions (you can do the simple binding at the secretary for 2.50CHF)

    4) When you give your first version to Eveline Burri, you also have to hand in a written confirmation that you wrote everything by yourself without any extra help than the one you mention in your thesis and a confirmation that you paid 400CHF for the exam/or bring cash

    5) After your committee read and evaluated your thesis (they officially have a month to do so), Eveline Burri will mail you and inform you about the earliest possible date for your exam and the public defense. There is an obligatory delay of 30 days between the last evaluation handed in and the date for your exam. You will have to organize the date for the exam and for the public defense yourself.

    6) After your exam and public defense, you have to ask Eveline Burri for the thesis number

    7) You have to print one first version of your final thesis and put it into a folder (ask Evelin Burri for the format of the title and first pages, this version has to be loose pages - no binding, no holes,etc!)

    Make sure on your title page are the number of the dissertation, the name of the printing shop (where you will do the real binding/printing) and the year.

    On the back of your title page you have to mention all your committe members and also the president of the exam.

    8) Eveline Burri will use this printed loose thesis to get the signatures of all people involved and finally she will call you to give you the OK for the final print

    9) You need to give 4 nicely printed and bound versions of your final PhD thesis to Eveline Burri within 6 month after your defense (no plastic is allowed for binding your thesis)

    10) In case you want to receive your diploma at the big diploma party in February, you have to hand in everything by the end of the year.


    For any questions/documents/examples/etc.... contact Eveline Burri 026 300 8453


  • Whom can I contact when I have problems?