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HuPro44_2 Huygens Professional (Monday, August 12, 2019) - Our image processing workstation is now equipped with Huygens Professional (desktop). Compared to our Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) the HuPro allows for more flexibility and provides some additional functionality. The new HuPro desktop version of the Huygens software is intended to accelerate the optimization of the deconvolution parameter and do advanced image restoration using measured [...]
ip-ws_fsp Move of the Cosmos Workstation (Monday, August 12, 2019) - The older of our image processing workstation, Cosmos,  was permanently move to the Fixed Samples Platform (next to the Threadripper).
imaris-filament-example Imaris 9.3 (Monday, April 15, 2019) - Imaris 9.3 is available. Find out more about the software on the Bitplane website. The first apparent change will be the end of the arena. Instead of its own database, there is now the possibility to add ‘observed’ folders to Imaris to facilitate the access to your ims-files. The first time Imaris is launched, you [...]
fp-base-screenshot FPbase (Thursday, March 14, 2019) - fpbase.org is a beautiful web-application to browse the contents of the Fluorescent Protein Database. There is a lot of linked content such as excitation and emission spectra or the publications reporting on the molecules. Check it out!
leica_flim-example-2 Demo: Leia SP8 FALCON (Tuesday, December 18, 2018) - At the beginning of this year we will continue the demo series for the laser scanning confocal system. Leica will bring their SP8 FALCON system for a week. Dates: 11-20 January 2019 Location: PER017, 013 Key Features Inverted microscope (DMi8) Fully motorised White Light Laser (WLL) Acousto-Optical Beam-Splitter (AOBS) 470-670 405 Diode Hybrid detectors HyD [...]
imaris-track-example Imaris Workshop 11. September 2018 (Tuesday, August 28, 2018) - At the University of Fribourg we use Imaris to process and analyse multidimensional image data-sets issue from epi-fluorescene microscopy.  In particular we use it’s advanced functionality for 3 dimensional (optically sectioned) image data and perform volumetric analysis. We organise a worksop with representatives of Bitplane for you, to discover the possibilities of the software and [...]
Capture Nuit des Musées – Nacht der Museen – 2018 (Friday, May 25, 2018) - Un monde minuscule et vivant est à découvrir avec les microscopes du Département de Biologie. Eine winzig kleine und lebendige Welt gibt es zu entdecken mit den Mikroskopen des Departments der Biologie. Looking forward to our and your participation at the 10th edition