The Bioimage Light Microscopy Facility is a core service built and supported by the Department of Biology and the Section of Medicine at University of Fribourg.
We provide access to shared instrumentation and software for state-of-the-art light microscopy. We aim to assist you along the path “from sample to knowledge” with our know-how in image acquisition optimization and our expertise in image processing and data mining.

Who can access the core facility?

All research groups from the University of Fribourg and associated institutions can get access to the facility infrastructure.
Our services are also available to external users. We would ask persons from outside our university to contact us so we can guide you through the slightly different access procedure.
All facility users completed training for each microscope they want to employ. Access to the booking system, the premises and the right to autonomously use the instruments is granted after completion of the training.

How to use the core facility?

  1. Read our policy
  2. Contact us to schedule a meeting for a general discussion and a first assessment of what services best fit your research goals.
    Or …
    … as a member of UNIFR with precise knowledge which instrument you need, jump directly to the booking system to request a training session.
  3. Start familiarising with the facility by exploring its information hub – this website.