Who can access?

All research groups and its members from the University of Fribourg and associated institutions can get access to the facility after registration. A research group is defined by a group leader who has her/his own funds. An official list of research groups is produced and updated by each department.
The facility is also accessible to external users. We would ask persons from outside our university to please contact us.

What we do:

  • Maintain and upgrade a comprehensive set of high quality optical imaging systems
  • Advise users on experimental design and measurement strategies
  • Provide training and guidance in the use of those instruments
  • Maintain and upgrade high-end image analysis software and powerful image analysis workstations
  • Operate servers to save and handle imaging data
  • Provide all relevant information and a reservation calendar on our website
  • Disseminate knowledge on optical imaging through formal teaching, workshops and hands-on training
  • Favor the dissemination of open-source solutions for image acquisition and analysis
  • Ensure technological watch and promote the adoption of techniques that best meet user’s needs

What we do not do:

  • Experiments instead of you
  • Image analysis instead of you
  • Repair and maintain your private microscope
  • Install or debug own software on your personal computer

Data management

Control Computers of any of our instruments are not intended for data storage. Use file servers or external hard drives to store your data (also see our data management page). A full hard drive compromises the effective operation of the instrument. To keep the systems running data saved on the PC hard drive will be deleted on a regular basis and without prior notice.

Interest groups

To handle certain instruments as efficiently as possible we maintain a certain number of mailing-lists for particular interest groups. The lists are installed on the universities own mailing-list administration web-application Sympa. To write mails to the lists you can use the menu on this website: Contact>Mailing-Lists On the overview-page you find the details on how to subscribe and manage your mailing lists. The other entries of the sub-menu allow direct access to diffuse mails to these lists (make sure you send the mails from your university account, otherwise they will be rejected).

Usage fees

To cover the running costs of the light microscopy facility the use of its instruments is subject to the payment of hourly fees.
Fees are charged if the instrument is not attended and the booking has not been cancelled at least the day before the reservation date.

The billing is done for each research group and invoices are sent at the end of each trimester to the PI’s.

We distinguish three user types (UT):

  • UT-I:
    Platform internal -> Department of Biology and Section of Medicine
  • UT-U:
    University internal -> All the staff of University of Fribourg and associated Institutions
  • UT-E:
    External -> All persons not associated with the University of Fribourg

The following fees, comprising direct costs (consumables, salaries, maintenance fees) and indirect costs (rent, admin. etc.) apply:

Instrument Category (IC) Hourly Fee Subcategory Instruments UT-I UT-U UT-E
IC-1 (Confocal) 1 Leica TCS SP5 (Med)
Leica TCS SP5 (Bio)
Leica TCS SPE-II (Bio)
CHF15.00 250 h CHF30.00 CHF60.00
2 Leica STELLARIS FALCON CHF20.00 CHF35.00 CHF65.00
IC-2 (Live-Cell) - Visitron CSU-W1 (Spinning Disk Confocal)
GE DeltaVision Elite
Leica DMI600B (Bio)
CHF7.50 250 h CHF25.00 CHF45.00
IC-3 (Fluo Slide-Scanner) 1 Leica DM6B Navigator, Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S60 CHF5.00 250 h CHF10.00 CHF15.00
2 Hamatsu NanoZoomer HT+Fluo CHF0.00 CHF15.00 CHF25.00
Other instruments and image analysis software -  (Marcoscopes, Image Processing Workstations) CHF0.00 - CHF0.00 NA**
Server (OMERO/HRM) - Share space on the bigdata server. The fees are recharged according to the rates of the DIT: (e.g. 100GB cost 30 CHF/year) CHF170 (per TB and year)  - CHF170 (per TB and year) NA**

* The fees ceiling defines the maximum amount of cumulative fees per year a single research group is charged to use a given  instrument category. For example research group X that uses spinning disk confocal microscopes 100 hrs/year is charged 750 CHF. Research group Z that uses confocal microscopes 300 hrs/year is charged 1875 CHF (instead of 2250 CHF).

** Not available

For detailed explanations about the cost calculations and what budget you can use to pay the fees (SNF, EU, etc) please contact us.