New Digital Silde-Scanner

We are glad to announce the addition of a NanoZoomer S60 to our core facility.

The NZ S60 is a slide scanner tailored towards research and superior as compared to the digital pathology workhorse, its predecessor the NanoZoomer HT+Fluo. The S60 supports multiple slide formats (single and double slides) and is well suited to acquire multi-channel fluorescent scans with a sensitive sCMOS camera.

The NZ S60 is recommended for fluorescence scans followed by object quantification and further processing while we suggest to use the NZ HT+Fluo for bright field scans or for simple fluorescent staining checks.

Finally, there was remarkable development concerning file formats. With the release of Bio-Formats 6.4, all the software using the Bio-Formats library – such as ImageJ, QPath, OMERO, etc. – have now the capacity to read a variety of NDPI files. Most notably NDPI files that use JPEG-XR compression are now supported. In contrast to the standard JPEG compression it is a lossless compression. We therefore recommend that NZ users change their profiles to use this standard.