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Usage Rules

  1. All facility users have to take a training session with facility staff for any given instrument they intend to use (contact).
  2. Every user books his/her own slots.
  3. During office hours – Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 – the following applies:
    1. An oh-slot (office hour slot)  has, for counting purposes, a max. duration of 4 hours. E.g.  single oh-slots are 9:00-13:00, 13:00-17:00 but also 7:00-12:00. A reservation from 8:00- 13:30 would count as two oh-slots.
    2. At any given time you are allowed max. three upcoming oh-slots.
    3. If possible avoid several slots during office hours on one single day.
  4. Outside of the office hours there is no limitation for the duration of the reservation slots.
  1. Cancellation must be done before your booked slot has started. Once the slot started you will be charged for the full slot.
  2. If you finish your session earlier than booked, please let the next user know or by letting the interest group know via mailing list.

Booking Calendar-Form

The calendar and the form are linked. With two consecutive left-clicks on rectangles of the calendar a time interval will be selected. The corresponding times will appear in the drop-down menu of the booking-form bellow.
Obviously the form can be filled out without using the calendar above to define the time interval.

To get the information who booked when, move with the mouse over a given calendar-square remain there for about one second. The details of the booking will appear as a tooltip.