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Huygens Workshop


This autumn the makers of the Huygens Software will give a workshop about image deconvolution at the University of Fribourg.
There is no perfect instrument, every device comes with a certain number of imperfections, that impact our measurements. This is also true for light microscopy, where we encounter spherical aberrations, chromatic aberrations, bleaching, stage drift, and diffraction related distortions (blur) among an even wider spectrum of phenomena, that can have some undesired impact on image acquisition.
This workshop will be all about how to deal with this kind of measurement imperfections and what the experimenters can do about it.  To situate this techniques also referred to as image restoration see the figure bellow, putting image restoration into the context of a typical biomedical experiment pipeline.


This workshop is of particular interest to researchers, that want to study small, sub-cellular structures by the means of three-dimensional epi-fluorescence microscopy. Image restoration can significantly improve the quality of acquired images, rendering small structures like axons more distinguishable and allow for a more reliable object quantification.


date: 15. September 2017 from 9:00-17:00
location: PER21, F230
participation conditions: UniFr staff, free of charge, registration required

Participants are free to attend only the theoretical part in the morning (about the why and the how of deconvolution) or  the entire workshop with a practical session in the afternoon.


Time Description
 09:00-10:30 presentation of Huygens (functionality, use cases)
 10:30-10:45   coffee break
 11:00-13:00 deconvolution theory: experimental design, sampling, pitfalls, etc. (includes hands-on examples)
13:00-14:00   lunch break
14:00-15:15 Introduction to Huygens Remote Manager
15:00-16:00 Work on your own data


Registration is closed.

Imaris Workshop


At the University of Fribourg we use Imaris to process and analyse multidimensional image data-sets issue from epi-fluorescene microscopy.  In particular we use it’s advanced functionality for 3 dimensional (optically sectioned) image data and perform volumetric analysis.

We organise a worksop with representatives of Bitplane for you, to discover the possibilities of the software and train yourself as a user.

Further information:


date: 4. July 2017 from 9:00-17:00
location: PER II, F230
participation conditions: UniFr staff, free of charge, registration required

Participants are free to only attend the presentation of Imaris or to work through the entire workshop.


Time Description
 09:00-10:30 presentation of Imaris (functionality, use cases)
 10:30-10:45   coffee break
 11:00-13:00 introduction to Imaris (basics)
13:00-14:00   lunch break
14:00-15:30 hands-on workshop
15:30-16:00   coffee break
16:00-17:30 hands-on workshop



… is closed