Boris Egger
Facility Coordinator

Contact for:
information about the facility, teaching, workshops, microscopes and imaging.

Office days: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri


Felix Meyenhofer
Microscopy and Bioimage Informatics Specialist

Contact for:
instrument introductions, instrument repairs, registration, assistance for image and data-analysis, software issues, access to servers, website issues,  praise and complaints.

Office days: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu


Bioimage informatics clinic

The bioimage informatics clinic is a walk-in service for image and data analysis provided by our core facility. Participants can take advantage of this without having to get an appointment first, they just should bring some data and ideas what they want insights they want to gain from their datasets, or a more concrete problem they encountered while implementing their analysis pipeline.
The goal of these sessions is to aid with different aspects of data analysis:

  • data quality and quality control
  • method selection for pre-processing, image segmentation, object quantification, data analysis, data visualisation etc.
  • research data management (data life cycle)
  • counselling concerning infrastructure (what is available/what is suitable for the task at hand?)
  • choice of the software tools
  • help with the implementation

Time: Every Tuesday 13:00-17:00
Visitors will be attended to on a first come first served basis.
Requests for consulting can be submitted in IRIS  or directly via email.


Christophe Lamy (Facility Coordinator)