• If somebody uses the microscope after you, follow the standby protocol.
  • Do not use your home folder (c:\users\<you login>) to save acquired data. Use D:\User Data\ for image data. Beware that this is no place to store data for longterm. We delete image data regularly.
  • Save your data on your external memory stick or harddrive.


Start Protocol

      1. switch on the power supply unit at the green switch
      2. switch on the computer workstation
      3. switch on microsope unit box
      4. wait until the microscope has completed initialisation
      5. switch on external light source
      6. double click the LAS AF icon on the desktop to start software
      7. switch on the lasers with the laser key switch
      8. ready to go!


Leica_TCS_SPEII_Bio01b Leica_TCS_SPEII_02b


Standby Protocol

If someone will use the microscope after you within the next 1-2 hours:

            1. exit the LAS AF software
            2. log off the computer
            3. clean the objectives


Shutdown Protocol

Transfer your data on an external saving device since data on the PC computer will regularly be deleted. 

            1. save all settings and images
            2. klick off the laser lines in the LAS AF software
            3. switch off lasers with key switch
            4. exit the LAS AF software
            5. shut down the operating system and workstation (PC)
            6. wait until workstation (PC) has shut down
            7. switch off the power supply unit at the green power switch
            8. switch off the external light source
            9. switch off the microscope unit box last
            10. Then:
              - clean up your stuff
              - clean the objectives
              - put the cover on the microscope
              - make sure the immersion liquid bottles are closed properly.



LASAF software documentation page

Leica TCS SPE-Brochure Technical Data