Start Protocol

  1. Switch on the computer
  2. switch on the microscope controller
  3. switch on the lamp
  4. switch on the hamamatsu camera
  5. login to the computer
  6. run the HOKAWO software

switches to start up the DM6000B microscope. The numbers indicate the order of action.


Shut Down Protocol

If you or a colleague is going to use the microscope in the next 5-10 minutes, just log out of the computer and don’t turn anything off…
… otherwise:

  1. make sure you transferred your data on a server usb-stick or somewhere else than the microscopes computer (user data gets erased from the hard-disk regularly).
  2. shut down the computer
  3. switch off the lamp (avoid switching in on again before it’s cooled down otherwise the mercury lamp “ages” much quicker)
  4. switch of the microscope controller
  5. switch of the camera controller