Start Protocol

  1. power on the microscopy control panel
  2. make sure the lamp for transmitted light is switched on
  3. startup the computer
  4. launch Micro-Manager (black icon on the desktop, or via start menu)
  5. select the Leica_MZ_16_FA.cfg in the splash screen


Back of the Leitz microscope control panel

Back of the Leitz microscope control panel


Start up switches of the Leica DMRBE microscope


Splash screen of the Micromanager, where the microscope configuration is selected.


Shut Down Protocol

make sure you transferred your data on a server usb-stick or somewhere else than the microscopes computer (user data gets erased from the hard-disk regularly). 

If you or a colleague is going to use the microscope in the next 5-10 minutes, just log out of the computer and don’t turn anything off…
… otherwise:

  1. shut down the computer
  2. use the switch on the back of the Leitz microscope controler to turn off the microscope

Remark: When exiting MM it takes a moment, don’t get nervous…


Alternative Image Acquisition Software

Alternativeley you can use the (old) way by launching “FastStone Image Viewer” that also has a shortcut on the Desktop. To acquire an image go to; File>Acquire Images From Scanner (or simply press ctrl+B). The rest should be self expanatory.