Useful Links

Microscopy in Fribourg

Confocal microscopes can be found in the Department of Biology and at the Adolphe Merkle Institute.
Scanning electron microscope
Lab of Soft Matter Photonics


Microscopy elsewhere

European Light Microscopy Initiative
Core Facilities in Switzerland


Learn more about Microscopy

Olympus Microscopy Reference Book
Nikon Microscopy Reference Book
Zeiss Campus

The links of the previous paragraph lead to a number of light microscopy facilities across europe. Here is a selection of websites that provide very useful information:

  • The Biozentrum in Basel provides some documentation here. And in the same city the Department of Biomedicine also provides a nice collection of documents.
  • The imaging facility network in Dresden is an effort to put the knowledge together from most of the imaging facilities of the town. They provide teaching materials and a lot of other goodies on their wiki.
  • The Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (EMBL) has a nice download-page


Societies and Consortia

Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy
Open Bio Image Alliance