Our department offers 3 university master programmes in Management (90 ECTS). These programmes, composed in a module structure, allow students to complete and reinforce their basic knowledge acquired in the bachelor programme (in Fribourg or elsewhere) in one or more special fields of management. 

For graduates of colleges of higher education or advanced technical colleges who wish to expand their studies with a university Master in Management a specific compulsory 30 ECTS programme is required. This programme has to be successfully completed in the first year of Master studies. 

New Master modules from autumn semestre 2020 on: 

  1. STR: Strategy
  2. INNO-ENT: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  3. OHRM: Organisation and Human Resource Management
  4. MAR: Marketing
  5. FIN: Finance
  6. ACC: Accounting and Control
  7. NPO-SUST: Nonprofit Management/Sustainability
  8. EUGB: European and Global Business
  9. DIG: Managing Digitalization
  10. DAT: Data Analytics 

Courses list of all modules SES

Courses list of the new modules from fall semester 2020 on

Master in Management

(taught in English, French and German)

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Master in Accounting and Finance

(taught in English, French and German)

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Master in International and European Business 

(fully taught in English)

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Suggestion for propédeutique

  • Introduction à la gestion d'entreprise  resp. Einführung in die BWL
  • Introduction à la comptabilité resp. Unternehmensrechnung


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Further information about the Master programme can you find on the Faculty's website