Work and child(ren) 

How to successfully balance career and family? Who can answer my questions?

The University of Fribourg is committed to reconciling the demands of working life and family commitments – whether you work in administration, in research or in a technical sector.

This page provides you with a wide range of information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office for Gender Equality for personal advice or the Human Resources Service for any administrative issue.

Students with dependent child(ren) can find information here.

Please find below our brochure in French and German for (future) parents and for superiors:

Informationen für Studierende und Angestellte mit Kind(ern) an der Universität Freiburg. Ein Wegweiser für Eltern und VorgesetzteInformations pour étudiant·e·s et employé·e·s avec enfants(s) à l’Université de Fribourg – Guide pour parents et supérieur·e·s

  • Pregnancy
    • First announce it to the Human Resources Service where you will receive all needed forms and mementos. You can also access them online on myunifr.
    • Then inform your management, with whom you will discuss your future activity rate if necessary.
    For your information

    We recommend an early discussion of a (temporary) activity rate reduction because the corresponding request must be addressed by management before the maternity leave to the Human Resources Service.

  • Maternity and paternity leave
    • They are entitled to 16 weeks of paid leave. However, for temporary contracts or if the collaborator is in her first year of service, other rules apply. Please refer to the regulations and guideslines for public employees (in French and German only).
    • They can stay longer with their child, provided that their management allows it. Additional days are deducted from holiday balance. Or they can ask for an unpaid leave.
    • The child’s birth is to be announced to the Human Resources Service (form on myunifr).
    For your information

    The Canton of Fribourg provides mothers without a remunerated activity or with a low income an additional allowance of maternity (also in case of adoption).

    Merkblatt kantonale Mutterschaftsbeiträge

    Allocation de maternité cantonale

    • They are entitled to 5 days of paid leave after the child’s birth. The leave can be taken as one continuous period or a fractioned one, and must be taken at the latest during the year following the birth. You need to send a copy of the birth certificate to the Human Resources Service (myunifr) and inform your management.
    • Fathers can extend the paternity leave with vacation days or with an unpaid leave. This requires management’s consent.
  • Unpaid leave

    The law on public employees grants an unpaid leave not exceeding 2 years (on request) for diverse reasons including family commitments. If you wish to resort to such a leave you need to:

    • obtain your management’s consent – do it early enough!
    • submit a request on myUniFR

    The request is transmitted to your direct superior, who will hand it to the competent authority for validation.

  • Replacement during maternity leave
    • Management can ask for a replacement during your leave. This requires a written request, addressed to the Human Resources Service.
    • Lecturer’s/Professor's replacements can include other tasks in addition to teaching, based on the specification sheet. This requires a duly reasoned request.
    In practice

    In principle, requests are granted if a replacement is necessary to guarantee University’s operations or continue a project.

  • Breastfeeding during working hours
    • Breastfeeding time is entirely counted in working hours if you breastfeed your child in your workplace or nearby.
    • If you leave the workplace, you can count half the time of breastfeeding as working hours (max. 1h/meal).
    • The University has two breastfeeding premises (MIS01 1022 and PER21 C021). They are at your disposal.
  • Financial support
    Unique birth and adoption allowance

    Multiple cantons pay a birth allowance on request which vary from CHF 850.- to CHF 2’000.-. The corresponding request forms can be obtained from the Compensation fund of your tax residence.

    Monthly family allowances

    All cantons pay at least CHF 200.- of family allowances per child and month. Contact the Human Resources Service for the necessary forms.  The request is then transmitted to the Compensation fund. After the agreement, family allowances are paid monthly with your salary. Should you have any questions, please refer to the Human Resources Service.

    Monthly employer allowance 

    Furthermore, all public employees receive on request an employer allowance. This allowance is CHF 150.-/month for each of the first two children and CHF 75.- for each of the following.

  • Day-care
    University’s nursery

    The nursery allows children of 4 months up to kindergarten age. Priority is given to children whose parents study or work at the university and live in Fribourg. The nursery has 50 places per day.


    Information about other day-care possibilities and subsidized offers can be obtained from your municipal administration, the Fribourg federation of nurseries or the Fribourg federation of day fostering. Finally, the Swiss federation for day-care offers an overview of various day-care options in different cantons.


  • In case of emergency

    Most of Swiss Red Cross branches offer home-based day-care services in case of emergency. The price varies depending on parent’s income. Red Cross also helps if you’re ill or had an accident and you’re unable to take care of your children.

    For your information

    University employees who live in the Canton of Fribourg can rely for free on the Red Riding Hood Service of Fribourg’s Red Cross. (Information only available in French or German).

Breast-feeding rooms and changing table