During studies

The general rules on benefits entitlement apply.

Terms and conditions for the award of unemployment benefits

Entitlement to unemployment benefits during study is determined on a case by case basis. Each situation is different.

The first area that will be assessed by the employment authorities is the unemployed person's suitability for placement. Students must be able to provide evidence to show that they are capable of assuming a suitable job position at any time, despite the fact that they are studying. This means being available at least two half-days a week on a regular basis. Students who are only available a few hours a week, or whose lesson timetable frequently changes, affecting their availability, will not be considered suitable for placement.     

If you have any questions, contact the public unemployment fund or the Regional Placement Office (Office régional de placement, ORP) of your region.

Post studies


You need to provide evidence of job seeking to be considered eligible for unemployment benefits, so even if you have not registered yet, you should start applying for jobs as soon as possible.


  • You did not work during study:
    You may be eligible for unemployment insurance. There is a waiting period of 120 days to receive benefits. You must have been a Swiss resident for at least 10 years.

  • You worked during study:
    You will need to have paid unemployment insurance contributions for at least 12 months in the past two years. There is a waiting period of five days to receive benefits.

Brochure published by the public employment service

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