Language Courses for Students from all Faculties

Target Group

Language courses are open to students from all faculties except:

  • auditors
  • visiting students from other universities (also including BeNeFri), unless they are part of a Mobility Programme
  • persons from outside the university

Admission requirements 


 You are registering for a language course for the first time
1. Compulsory Online Placement Test 

Complete the full test via MyUnifr, so that you can register for the right course.

Test available from 8 February to 7 March 2021

To the placement test

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2. Course and Exam Registration 

After completing the test, you can register for a course at your level via MyUnifr. When you register for a course, you will also be automatically registered for the exam.

 Registration period: 8 February to 7 March 2021


To the course registration

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3. Oral Interview for English and Italian courses

If you would like to do an English or Italian course, you must attend the compulsory oral interview after completing the online placement test.

  • For English: The interview takes place on Monday 22nd February 2021 at the Language Centre, MIS10, Room 2.16.

  • For Italian: Please reserve a slot on the interview timetable at the bottom of the online test in Moodle. The interview takes place on Monday 22nd February 2021 at the Language Centre, MIS10, Room 01.11.
 You have successfully completed a language course in the same language in the previous semester
1. Course and Exam Registration

You can register directly via MyUnifr. The language courses shown refer to level achieved in the previous semester.

To the course registration 

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Enrolment and Deregistration Deadlines

Compulsory Online Placement Test 08.02.2021 - 07.03.2021
Registration 08.02.2021 - 07.03.2021
Registration for Italian courses after the oral placement interview
Deregistration Deadline 16.04.2021