Goethe language examination

The Language Centre of the University of Fribourg, in cooperation with EMF-Vocational School Fribourg, is the examination centre for the international language certificates of the Goethe-Institute. If you are interested in taking a Goethe language examination with us, you can obtain a Goethe Certificate at levels B1, B2, C1 and C2. Please note that we do not offer exam preparation courses.

The May exam session is cancelled and postponed until the end of June/early July. Please find below the new dates:


27 June:
- Exam B2 

- Exam B2 (special needs): Module SPRECHEN


29 June:

- Exam B2 (special needs): Modules LESEN, HÖREN, SCHREIBEN


30 June:

- Exam B2, old version, partial repetition


4 July:

- Exams B1 and C1


Language CentreRue de Rome 1
CH - 1700 Freiburg
 +41 (0)26 300 79 60


  • Examination fees
     Goethe-Certificate B1

    All modules CHF 280.-

    Single module CHF 100.-

     Goethe-Certificate B2 modular new from November 2019

    All modules CHF 330.-

    Single module CHF 110.-


    Partial retake written examination CHF 280.- old format (possible until May 2020)

    Partial retake oral examination CHF 130.- old format (possible until May 2020)

     Goethe-Certificate C1

    Entire exam CHF 360.-

    Partial retake written examination CHF 310.-

    Partial retake oral examination CHF 130.-

    Goethe-Certificate C2

    All modules CHF 450.-

    Single modules:

    • Reading CHF 150.-
    • Listening CHF 150.-
    • Writing CHF 190.-
    • Speaking CHF 190.

    2 modules

    • Reading/ListeningCHF 200.-
    • Reading/WritingCHF 270.-
    • Reading/Speaking CHF270.-
    • Listening/WritingCHF 270.-
    • Listening/SpeakingCHF 270.-
    • Writing/SpeakingCHF 340.-

    3 modules

    • Reading/Listening/Writing CHF 360.-
    • Reading/Listening/Speaking CHF 360.-
    • Reading/Writing/Speaking CHF 400.-
    • Listening/Writing/Speaking CHF 400.-


  • Information and practice materials
  • Exam location

    EMF - Fribourg / Freiburg
    Ecole des métiers / Berufsfachschule 
    Technique / Technik

    Chemin du Musée 2
    CH-1705 Freiburg


  • Partial retake

    You have the option of a partial retake for C1. This means that if you only passed one of the two parts of the examination, you can retake part of the examination separately: SPEAKING (oral examination) or READING, LISTENING, WRITING (written examination). Please note that any partial retake of the examination must be taken within one year at the same examination centre.


    The last partial repetitions of the old Goethe-Zertifikat B2 can be made in the May session 2020.

  • Literature 2020 for the Goethe-Zertifikat C2

    If you choose a literature-bound topic in part 2 of the writing module, you have to work with at least one of the titles provided here.

    Hanns-Josef Ortheil
    Die Berlinreise
    btb Verlag
    ISBN 978-3-442-74997-3
    € 10,00 (D)

    Urs Widmer
    Das Buch des Vaters
    Diogenes Verlag
    ISBN 978-3-257-23470-1
    € 10,90 (D)