B2+-C2 Interacting with global issues: Spoken English

Enseignant(s): Cook Frances
Type d'enseignement: Cours de langue
Langue(s) du cours: Anglais
Semestre(s): SP-2020

The aim of this course is to give advanced speakers of English an opportunity to improve their oral skills in a convivial atmosphere while exploring different perspectives on a range of intellectually challenging topics in both an academic context (research issues, issues in higher education, literacy, etc.) as well as in broader contexts such as health care, journalism, environmental issues and human rights. The course will be interactive in nature requiring a high level of critical engagement. Students will have the opportunity to practice appropriate rhetorical skills during debates and open discussions, as well as practice appropriate language required to perform specific functions. Students will have assigned readings to prepare them for upcoming lessons, and will lead the class in a guided speaking activity focusing on (an approved) topic of their choice.


  • Practice speaking fluently and accurately
  • Speak with correct word and sentence stress
  • Extract, evaluate and comment on information from images, spoken and written texts
  • Employ specialized vocabulary relating to specific topics
  • Expand informal and formal range of vocabulary including collocations
  • Give advice and express opinions about complex and sensitive issues
  • Converse with the aim of reaching a consensus